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To be Indecorous is to behave outside of good taste and propriety, to conflict with accepted standards and conduct. It is not only existing outside of these social constructs and expectations but understanding the rules you are flouting and why it’s important to move outside them. This is what inspires us.


Indecorous Theatre Productions roots itself in “Classical Theatre”, an art form that, in the modern era, has been claimed by a social elite, reserved for those blessed with enough culture or education or class. This, in our opinion, is bullshit. Sure Elizabeth loved her some Billy Shakespeare, but the bread on his table was bought by the loud, unwashed masses who paid to stand in the dirt, laugh at some dick jokes and cry about love and betrayal.

At Indecorous Theatre Productions our mission is to take away the gated community feel from these Classics and make them accessible and available to the people for which they were written. These stories are for everyone and for today. They still resonate and grow and change. Using the beauty of these texts that have beaten time we want to tell new stories with new bodies and open up the conversation. Because at the end of the day, this work, these words, and art is about real people and all the diversity and change and indecorous energy real people create.  


is exhausted of playing wide eyed ingenues with little-to-no personality or agency, so she made it her goal to ensure that she never would again. She is probably too emotionally dependent on theatre and spends many hours conceptualizing productions and creating potential cast lists for every piece of media she knows with her best friend, Amanda.


is someone who was told she’d never pass for the expected and accepted “Theatre Girl”, so she decided to just commit to the antithesis. Armed with an unhealthy obsession with Shakespeare and too many opinions for her own good she decided to  forge her own company after studying English and Theater at Muhlenberg College.

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