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Arms and the Man

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Arms and the Man is George Bernard Shaw’s 19th century take on a good ol’ fashioned Rom-Com. But, as a theater critic and satirist, he decided to use this classic genre to take a swing at class and gender politics while making us all laugh uproariously.

Set in a very brief weeks-long war between Bulgaria and Servia, you can expect soldiers, love triangles, family drama, enemies to lovers, pining, banter, forbidden romance, and, of course, chocolate. The plot follows a cast of characters that are desperately trying to live up to their own Romantic expectations of who they think they should be.

This production is striving to take these concepts and look at them from a modern perspective while still using the original text. By adding in layers of explicit queerness and a 2023 understanding of class divisions and struggles, we want to work with a diverse team of actors and creators to find the poignant heart of this gay farce.


Video Submissions due April 1st


Want to help us pay our collaborators, afford costumes, props, set pieces, and rehearsal and performance space?

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