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Philadelphia Productions

Twelfth Night

When Viola is shipwrecked in an unfamiliar land, they disguise themselves as a man setting off a chain of events that lead them, and everyone they encounter, on an exciting and often hilarious journey of self-discovery in this well-loved Shakespeare comedy.

This production explores, explicitly and in-depth, the beautiful and exciting journeys of all of the characters in this heartwarming and raucously funny play, to discover who they really are, what they really want, and break the shackles of expectation for their gender and sexuality that society has held them in for too long. Join us for this outdoor Twelfth Night filled with laughter, love, music, and stunningly gorgeous language.


Romeo & Juliet 
For us, Romeo & Juliet has always been a story about the cycle of violence passed down through the generations. No matter how hard the kids try to change their fate and create a new reality, the infrastructure built by hate and the self-serving adults in power traps them. Whatever connection exists between our title characters, whether you believe it’s true love or just a light in the darkness, cannot exist in this world. 
For reasons we have neither the time nor the space to get into, this feels pretty damn relevant today. 
To modernize this piece we will be taking the story and the beautiful language as written and giving it to voices and bodies that have been kept out of the narrative for too long. This production will include a culturally diverse cast as well as LGBTQA representation.This story is for everyone and we want to make sure people of today can see themselves in this unmatched play.


As You Like It

Do you like the woods? Do you like crossdressing lesbian princesses? Do you like people who are incapable of expressing their deepest emotions? Well this play has got it all!

As You Like It is yet another Shakespearean Comedy where our hero falls in love, has to crossdress, and has some hilarious misunderstandings and hijinks in the woods. There’s an evil duke, a fool, that guy who dramatically cries about everything, all you need for some laughs! But unlike many of her predecessors, our hero Rosalind chooses her path and easily controls the world around her. Her crossdressing isn’t about survival, it’s about making sure her new love interest is worth her time and affection. And she figures she might as well mess with some people along the way

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Since this was our first production in Philly we wanted to immerse the audience in the world of the play while embracing the feel of the city. We were lucky enough to team up with the beautiful Spring Gardens Community Garden, where Oberon and Titania were the guardians of urban nature. We also discovered the importance of gender-blind casting, casting Bottom and Peter Quince as women and Helena as a man. This amazing cast of individuals brought amazing new meaning and depth to some of The Bards most problematic relationships, taking a relationship as tough as Helena and Demetrius and creating a love story about acceptance and strength in the face of society’s prejudices.

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